Terrain Gripper

The Monsta Terrain Gripper is an all-terrain tyre designed on road comfort driving experience. A true All terrain tyre that is used offroad also in sand and gravel. The Terrain Gripper has a semi aggressive sidewall pattern to maintain the offroad look and feel. With the end user in mind the terrain Gripper will keep the family same and sound. A quiet on road experience ensuring exceptional handling in both wet and dry conditions.
The Terrain Gripper tread pattern has been designed for low road noise and a comfort shock absorbing sidewalls. This will ensure less stress on the vehicles suspension. Enjoy the ride quality, comfort, durability and all round performance of the Monsta Terrain Gripper today.


All Terrain with road comfort and amazing design !

Road Comfort Tread Pattern

The Terrain Gripper’s tread pattern is designed for All Terrain use but with the road comfort and safety in mind.

Raised White Lettering

Monsta is famous for its modern font raised white Lettering giving the tyre an amazing look making it stand out from the rest.

One Tyre with Two Looks !

Choose your look between all black sidewall or raised white letter sidewall.

Black Letter

White Letter


265/75 16 | 123/1202657516123/120Q
265/65 17 | 1162656517116T
265/70 17 | 1152657017115T
285/70 17 | 121/1182857017121/118R
265/60 18 | 1142656018114T
285/60 18 | 1162856018116T
285/65 18 | 125/1222856518125/122Q
265/50 20 | 1162655020116H
285/50 20 | 1162855020116H
285/55 20 | 125/1222855520125/122Q
33*12.50 20 | 1193312.5020119Q
275/55 20 | 120/1172755520120/117Q