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Monsta Tyres !!!
Monsta Tyres is like no other tyre on the market.

Raised white lettering, comfort, quality and value for money sets us apart from the rest. Proudly engineered in Australia to cater the world.

Monsta Tyres helping you conquer any challenge !!

Proud to be Australian

Monsta Tyres is engineered in Australia by the founder and lead engineer Hussein Chahine and his dedicated team. Research and development in all weather conditions and all types of terrains over the years has help create the ultimate 4×4 tyre.

Making serious progress and a serious name in the market Monsta is vast becoming the people’s choice tyre. Value for money, attractive athletics, quality and sizes in demand was the foundation of the Monsta Tyres.

The demand has organically grown worldwide as the Monsta brand is distributed in over 10 countries now. Having hardcore tyre guys with over 25 years of experience develop the Monsta Tyres is the forefront of the success of this brand.

Make Monsta Tyres your Choice

Creating an attractive tyre with modern raised white fonts and clean sidewall and tread patterns separates Monsta apart from the competition.

Building a Monsta culture for years to come and be part of all countries worldwide is the plan for Monsta. Safety, durability, affordability and performance all in mind when making this work of art we call Monsta !!