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for the best Off-Road Tyres

Although Monsta Tyres are relatively new to the tyre market compared with other manufacturers, we have the others running scared.

We’ve done our homework and pride ourselves on the way we listen to our customers’ performance and style requirements in order to produce products that tick all their boxes.

Monsta Tyres have stormed on to the market with a well-tested, well-regarded product that offers great value for money to boot.

Proud to be Australian

We’re also proud to be Aussie through and through. All our tyres are designed and engineered by Aussies, for Aussies. That mean’s we’ve got first hand knowledge of the challenges faced on Aussie roads and off the beaten track where the terrain and weather conditions can be varied and unpredictable.

Style is also important to us. We know that performance is key but our customers also demand an aggressive look on their 4×4 vehicles and a sporty look from their rod-going performance cars. But we don’t just want to look like everyone else. We want to stand out from the crowd.

We push the boundaries of motoring style and we’re bringing back a retro look with a modern twist. Make sure you check out the white writing on our tyre walls. We’re the only company in the world currently producing tyres of this style and they’re available exclusively in Australia.

Make Monsta Tyres your Choice

Finally, value for money and service are at the heart of everything we do. We have every confidence when we say that our tyres are the best performing tyres for the money. To see our tyres for yourself, take a look at our product range online or visit one of our distributors nationwide.