Rugged Terrain Hybrid

The RT Rugged Terrain Hybrid is the latest and greatest pattern release from Monsta to date ! Engineered in Australia and extensively tested in all weather conditions from snow to mud the Hybrid Rugged Terrain is a hit worldwide. The Rt Hybrid has revolutionized the 4×4 Tyre game worldwide. Creating the ultimate mix of an all-terrain and a mud terrain tyres gelled in one ! The hybrid tyre showing its abilities to perform in offroad extreme conditions and be smooth sailing on road for all day safety and durability for the family. Off Road vehicles are part of our every day lifes and Monsta wanted to create a tyre that is used during the week to pick up the children from school or sport and on weekends entering the offroad tracks for fun and adventure. Weather is be camping with the family, cruising the sand dunes or beating the offroad track the RT will conquer all at the highest of standards.


Hybrid technology to conquer onroad and Off Road

Hybrid Tread Pattern

The RT tread pattern is designed to perform in extreme off-road conditions and be smooth sailing on road.


The RT sidewall pattern is unique giving a subtle yet aggressive pattern functioning both in looks and function.

One Tyre with Two Looks !

Choose your look between all black sidewall or raised white letter sidewall.

Black Letter

White Letter


285/75 16 | 126/1232857516126/123Q
LT265/70 17 | 121/1182657017121/118Q
LT295/70 17 | 121/1182957017121/118Q
LT265/60 18 | 119/1162656018119/116Q
LT275/65 18 | 123/1202756518123/120Q
LT265/50 20 | 115/1122655020115/112Q
LT285/50 20 | 119/1162855020119/116Q
33X12.50 20 | 114Q3312.5020114Q
35X12.50 20 | 121Q3512.5020121Q
35X12.50 18 | 123Q3512.5018123Q