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You know how it is, you thought it was supposed to be a dry day and then low and behold, the flood gates open and you start to wonder whether Noah’s ark might have been a better choice of vehicle. All of a sudden, your off road adventure starts to get a bit more challenging. Dust turns to mud and the going gets tough. Then the rain stops and the blazing heat comes back to turn the mud into sticky clay. It’s at this point you’re glad you picked the Extreme Mud Tyres from Monsta Tyres.
Monsta don’t have a crystal ball, but they are Aussie and know that the conditions can change in an instant. So the Extreme Mud tyres are designed to take anything Australia can throw at it. Other tyres are designed for global markets but Monsta Tyres are designed specifically around what Aussies face day in day out.
You may have already looked at our Mud Warrior tyres but they didn’t come in a large enough size. Well, look no further. The Extreme Mud tyre comes in larger sizes to satisfy your adventurous side.
Extreme mud will satisfy your stylish side as well. Whether they’re covered in mud or not, these tyres look bold and aggressive. The white lettering sets them apart from any other tyre on the market. Although you can paint white lettering on to your sidewall, Monsta are the only company to manufacturer white writing into the rubber itself.

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33/12.5 17 | 126 33 12.5 17 126Q
35/12.5 17 | 126 35 12.5 17 126Q
33/12.5 20 | 121 33 12.5 20 126Q
35/12.5 20 | 121 35 12.5 20 126Q

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